Problem 1

Ann tells her friend Jane: "If you add 2 to an unknown number and divide the sum by 8, you'll get the same result as if you substract 4 from my number and divide the difference by 6."

Problem 2

A CD player and a battery for it cost ₤ 101 together. The CD player costs ₤ 100 more than the battery. What does the battery cost? (Looks easier than it is!!!)

Problem 3

Two whole numbers multiplied together make 100,000. If neither of them end in 0, what are they?

Problem 4

The square root of a number plus two times the square root of the same number is twelve. What is the number?

Problem 5

Seth lives in Betheda. Sarah lives nine miles east of Seth. Tara lives twelve miles north of Sarah. How far does Seth live from Tara? (Make a drawing of the problem!)